Meet Adrienne

adrienneedwards-for-congress-home-pageAbout Adrienne

Adrienne Edwards is an advocate for Los Angeles families and a candidate for the United States House of Representatives 34th Congressional District, which includes Chinatown, Downtown LA, Highland Park, Garvanza, Westlake, Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Boyle Heights, Eagle Rock, Mount Washington, Cypress Park, Lincoln Heights, City Terrace, El Sereno, and Monterey Hills. She is a mother, a community advocate, and a business owner.

Economic Justice for California families

Inspired by her mother, a housing counselor during the mortgage crisis, Adrienne has advocated for families who have been victimized by big banks and corporations. Lauded for her ability to work with diverse groups of people, Adrienne, now a housing counselor, has helped hundreds of people save their family homes and hundreds more find a new beginning with the first time home-buyers program.

As a mother, Adrienne knows first-hand that affordable and safe childcare can improve the lives of families. Additionally, she knows access to affordable education is the key to sustaining a strong middle class. Adrienne believes that student debt in this Nation has reached critical mass and looks forward to exploring solutions to this crisis.

Adrienne continues to demonstrate excellent leadership in her community and volunteers with various nonprofits frequently. Adrienne is well known for her homeless advocacy efforts and is doing everything she can to fight chronic homelessness in Los Angeles. She currently sits as Social Services Provider on the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council where she also serves as Budget Representative. Adrienne also serves as a Budget Advocate for the City of Los Angeles and continues to strengthen her community by mentoring at local high schools, assisting the families in need, and informing her community of helpful resources available to them.

Adrienne strives to create a positive atmosphere for residents of the 34th District. She believes that all Angelenos deserve to be heard and she will carry all of their voices to Washington D.C., where she will continue to fight for access to quality education, good jobs and affordable housing, economic justice for all Angelenos, and support the Affordable Care act.

Adrienne currently resides in Downtown Los Angeles where you can find her and her son walking their dog, Diesel.